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Nicolas-Toussaint CHARLET

(Paris 1792 – 1845)


The Cuirassier

Oil on canvas

27 x 21,5 cm

“A very gallic painter of French military, a spiritual humorist, a deep observer of Eugène Delacroix, who was one of his most ardent admirers,  placed next to Molière and La Fontaine”

There is no better comment that describes Nicolas-Toussaint Charlet by Armand Dayot, the French painter specialized in the military subject. As a student of the Baron Gros since 1817, Charlet’s works also show a deep influence of his friend Eugène Delacroix, with whom he shared a beautiful sense of colors marked by the liberty of choices and the delicate sensitivity of treatment. Charlet was also admired for his rapid brushstrokes that bring out the instantaneity and the vibrance in his drawings. 

Our work presents one of the artist’s typical subjects, a portrait of a cuirassier. With his head turned to the spectators, his round, black eyes and furrowed eyebrows, the man seems serious. The contrast between the figure and the abstract background makes the man stand out easily on the canvas.

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