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Charity auction 

Greenpeace france- Oceans campaign

Did you know?
As buyers of antiques, you are adopting a highly eco-responsible attitude. Buying furniture, objects or works of art that are decades or even hundreds of years old, restoring them where necessary rather than replacing them - what could we do better? For those who would like to go even further, we are organising a charity auction with Nicolas Nouvelet to benefit Greenpeace's campaign to protect the oceans.

Why Greenpeace?
We chose Greenpeace for two main reasons: because of its size, Greenpeace is able to tackle environmental issues at an international level; and it is a non-partisan, 100% independent organisation that relies solely on private donations for its operations.

How can I take part in the sale?
You can donate an object (a work of art, furniture or any other item that can be sold at auction) to be included in the sale. All proceeds will be donated to Greenpeace. And as a donor, you will receive a tax receipt enabling you to deduct 66% of the amount of your donation from your income tax. You will also be able to purchase lots offered at the sale, which will take place in early 2025.

When and how to hand in your donations?
You can now hand in your donations to Nicolas Nouvelet. Your donations will be carefully stored there until the sale. You can also contact Galerie Charvet if you have any questions about the sale, the delivery of donations or any other matter. In all cases, we will keep you informed and you will receive an invitation to take part in this great moment of generosity. In the face of environmental challenges, every contribution, every goodwill gesture, is of the utmost importance.

Étude Nicolas Nouvelet
80 rue du Rocher - 75008 Paris
01 42 93 33 50

Galerie Charvet
56 Rue de l'Université - 75007 Paris
09 51 19 02 89


Thank to everyone who can give us their support.

Along with the primary forests, the oceans are the vital organs of our planet, and protecting them has been at the heart of Greenpeace's mission since its inception. The climate, humanity and all living things depend on their good health.


Decades of industrial fishing, pollution and oil and gas drilling have plunged the oceans into an unprecedented crisis.


To protect and restore ocean ecosystems, Greenpeace France is engaged in two major battles: 


- the establishment of the first international marine sanctuaries, which should cover 30% of the sea surface by 2030 and prevent any destructive activity within them


- the fight against the burgeoning seabed mining industry, which threatens ecosystems that have until now been largely preserved. A major conference on the ocean will bring together heads of state from around the world in Nice in June 2025. Greenpeace France is mobilising now to make this a victory for the ocean.

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Greenpeace france- Oceans campaign

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