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E. Fos (circa 1890)

View of the Venus de Milo room in the Louvre

Oil on canvas

Signed lower right: E. FOS

61.5 x 49.5 cm

Since its opening in 1793, many generations of artists of all nationalities have followed one another at the Louvre to copy the masterpieces of the masters of the past.


Here, a young woman in the background works in the middle of the famous antiques, on the ground floor of the Sully wing. We immediately distinguish the Venus de Milo, discovered in 1820, and offered by Louis XVIII in 1821.

We also recognize, among other things, the “ Dancing Satyr ”, one of the flagship works of the “Musiques! Echoes of Antiquity ”presented at Louvre Lens in 2017.


It seemed like an amusing wink to present this canvas on the occasion of Fine Art Paris, which is being held in the very heart of the Louvre a few hundred and twenty years later.

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