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Raoul du Gardier (1871 - 1952)

Visiting the tomb

Oil on paper mounted on cardboard

Signed on the back: Du Gardier

33 x 28.5 cm

Born in 1871, Raoul Du Gardier trained with Gustave Moreau, Théobalde Chartran, and Jules Elie Delaunay. He exhibited at the Salon where he obtained numerous awards. Passionate about exoticism, definitely a traveler, Du Gardier went to North Africa, especially Algeria, and to Suez where his brother was consul. Through his paintings he translates the warmth and light of these countries he loves so much.


On November 29, 1922, the British Egyptologist Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun's tomb and the treasures it contains. This discovery provoked a real egyptomania, offering artists an important source of inspiration.


In 1926, Pierre Mille's travel stories from Egypt appeared in Illustration, Raoul Du Gardier was there and produced a series of works on this theme, our painting was probably painted on this occasion.


Produced in a historicist vein, Du Gardier has fun in this work with the light effects of reflectors to illuminate the depths of Egyptian tombs. He thus allows to appreciate the subtleties of the warm colors of his palette while offering a singular look on a subject then very in vogue.

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